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School Motto

What you are is God’s gift to you…

What you make of Yourself is your Gift to God

Helpful Homework Habits

Hints and Tips

Time -

Work out the best time for you to do your Homework.

Prepare -

Gather all your books and stationary before you start.

Hydrate -

Have a drink, preferably water. Research suggests that this may help you perform better.

Location -

Find a quiet comfortable environment, away from anything that may distract you.

Read -

Read and follow any instructions carefully.

Effort -

Remember to give your work your best effort, as if you were in the classroom.

Check -

Check through your work carefully.

Ready -

Make sure your completed Homework is in your school bag ready for the next day.

Principals Welcome

St Bernards would like to welcome you to their School

Thank you for taking the time to visit the website of St. Bernard’s P. S. and Nursery, Glengormley. The purpose of the website is to communicate with our present pupils and parents, our school community and parish, our prospective parents and to our wider audience both at home and abroad.

We are a progressive and innovative Catholic Primary School which provides a happy, challenging, busy and vibrant learning environment for all.

St. Bernard’s is a co-educational health promoting school situated within the grounds of St. Bernard’s Church on the Antrim Road. With over 500 pupils it is extremely well equipped with modern day technology and a recent inspection report commented on the high quality of leadership, teaching and learning, pastoral care and learning support. An extensive programme of extra-curricular activities develops both character and talent whilst community programmes for parents and grandparents are a regular evening feature.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages of our website and that it will inspire and encourage you to make an appointment to visit and soak up the warm welcoming ethos and atmosphere. If your child is ready to start in nursery or primary school we would be very happy to guide your decision on their future education. Please check our admissions for further information.

Thought for the week published: 30/11/2013 15:50:47

Champions aren't  made in Gyms .

They are made from something deep inside them-  A desire, A dream, A vision.

The will must be stronger than the skill.

School Vision

Mission Statement published: 18/10/2011

St. Bernard’s Primary School is a welcoming school with strong links with parents, church and community. Our Catholic values are at the heart of all relationships. Our ethos of trust, tolerance and inclusion enables each individual to be happy, secure and respected.

We strive to ensure that everyone can achieve their full potential and gain the necessary skills and knowledge to have a positive role in their home, school and society.




  • To develop a caring school community where each person is valued and has the opportunity to develop to his/her full potential.
  • To educate our pupils morally academically and socially within the framework of Catholic principles and values.
  • To set and maintain high standards of teaching and learning.
  • To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum to all our pupils which meets the statutory requirements.
  • To encourage all our pupils to fulfil their potential by maximising each individual’s talents and capabilities.
  • To recognise the role of parents as co-educators by encouraging constructive contact between the home and the school.
  • To work towards appreciating our shared and diverse cultures and promoting a spirit of co-operation and tolerance within our school with other schools and in the community in order to foster mutual respect and understanding.

School Day

School Hours and Information

School Opens : 8.45 am

Classes Commence : 9.00 am

Year 1 - Year 2 : Finish 2.00 pm

Year 3 - Year 7 : Finish 3.00 pm

Year 3 : Finish @ 2.00 pm Thursday & Friday

School Uniform

Be proud to wear the St Bernards Uniform

The Uniform can be bought at Cartmills/Jeanery.

Our school uniform provides all our pupils with an identity. Pupils are expected to wear their school uniform each day unless excused from doing so. If a pupil is unable to wear the uniform an explanation should be forwarded by the child’s parent / guardian to the class teacher. The following represents the acceptable uniform.

Download the school uniform list here