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Pastoral Care

- CAPS Programme, Policies, First Aid and More...

CAPS Programme

Character Approach to Problem Solving

The Character Approach to Problem Solving has been introduced to St. Bernard’s as an innovative and successful way of developing citizenship within the 21st century.  Through role-play, drama, art and music, children celebrate character traits such as responsibility, respect, friendship, honesty and diligence, which have universal appeal and eternal value.


CAPS  ties in with positive behaviour initiatives and the whole rationale behind the revised curriculum.  Pupils are rewarded for their efforts in developing character traits and the programme gives everyone an opportunity to utilise multiple intelligences and visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning to the full.




Methods of promoting Positive Behaviour in St. Bernard's


In St. Bernard’s we aim to create a happy and safe working environment where children develop through encouragement, example and discipline to become confident, independent and responsible young people.  Here are some of the measures we take in school to promote a positive ethos and sustain good behaviour.


  • Prefect/Buddy system.
  • School Assemblies
  • Pupil awards for: week, month, term, year, attendance and special events
  • Religious Services: Alive O Prayer services
  • Year Group and whole school Masses
  • Circle Time
  • Training for all staff on anti-bullying strategies
  • School Rules
  • Class Rules
  • Positive supervision at all times
  • Positive marking policy
  • Regular monitoring and reporting from Pastoral care Teacher and Designated teachers for Child protection
  • Designated teachers for Child Protection
  • Planned parent/teacher meetings
  • Reports to parents yearly
  • Curriculum and information meetings
  • School Calendar
  • Involvement in parent surveys to inform future practice
  • Training for supervisory staff in promoting positive play
  • All pupils have the opportunity to perform in school plays, concerts, masses etc
  • Whole school approach to daily implementation of our Merit Book System
  • Monthly celebration of Character traits to include Responsibility, Respect, Friendship, caring, Honesty, Forgiveness, Diligence, patience and Courtesy.